Sidebander Of The Month

Sidebanders Of The Month  

For OCTOBER , 2019 

    We have two winners this month for #SOTM because it was just too close to call and both are doing an excellent job on posting and being quite active on the #WWS page. 

   Wally #WWS248  and  Rick #WWS38  have the distinguished pleasure of being  (dual ) Sidebanders of the month for OCTOBER, 2019 due to their interaction, meaningful posts and getting the most votes via radio and the page. ♦

     They are both active members, and are well liked on the frequencies and the   #WWS page.  


Good job  Wally and Rick for being our first dual #SOTM.’s.

    We’ll try and rotate members each month for members that have started conversations, checked in and are active on their postings.
   Be sure to nominate a member and whoever gets the most votes for the month will be awarded Sidebander of the month.  

   Just another way to keep our page fresh.

  Posted by;
Richard T. Mindler, Jr.  #WWS765

Admin. of the WorldWide Sidebanders Page 


Image may contain: 1 person, beard and close-up
Rick Frey
Image may contain: Wally Watson, smiling
Wally Watson

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