Expert: Texas energy crisis, extreme weather underscore role for nuclear, balanced power mix


Kotek said the Department of Energy estimates that the carbon-free reactors will have a lifetime of more than 80 years, and “would keep about 800 million metric tons of carbon out of the atmosphere.”

However, he believe it’s crucial that other efforts are made, in addition to nuclear energy, in order to succeed in decarbonizing energy. That includes “increasing shares of wind, solar and storage to get to a clean grid.”

Kotek, who also was nominated by former President Barack Obama in October 2015 to serve as Assistant Energy Secretary for nuclear energy, is hopeful that the Biden-Harris administration will be “supportive of nuclear.”

During the campaign, President Joe Biden recognized that “both existing nuclear and a next generation of nuclear technology [are] having an important role to play in decarbonizing the grid,” Kotek said.

He’s optimistic that the new administration will “focus on keeping existing plants running, and then they’ll focus on creating pathway for our next generation of nuclear technology.”
Posted by: Richard T. Mindler, Jr.

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