Sidebander Of The Month

Sidebander Of The Month  

For March, 2019 

Barney Wright  #WWS4254   #SOTM 

   Barney has the distinguished pleasure of being Sidebander of the month for March, 2019  due to his interaction, helpfulness and posts on the #WWS page. 


     He is an active member, Visual Storyteller, Conversation Starter, and posts videos on the weekend high atop the mountains ( hills ) of New Jersey. 

    We’ll try and rotate members each month for members that have started conversations, checked in and are active on their postings.
   Congratulations to Barney for being another sidebander to attain this prestigious award. 

   Be sure to nominate a member and whoever gets the most votes for the month will be awarded Sidebander of the month.  

   Just another way to keep our page fresh.

  Posted by;
Richard T. Mindler, Jr.  #WWS765

Admin. of the WorldWide Sidebanders Page 



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Barney Wright #WWS4254

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