Sidebander Of The Month

Walter #WWS13

Sidebander Of The Month  November, 2018 

Walter #WWS13 –  Indiana Chapter 

   Walter has the distinguished pleasure of being Sidebander of the month for November due to his interaction and helpfulness on the #WWS page. Also he is the central U.S. net Controller.

    We’ll try and rotate members each month for members that have started conversations, checked in and are active on their postings.
   Congratulations to Walter for being another sidebander to attain this prestigious award. 

   Be sure to nominate a member and whoever gets the most for the month will be awarded Sidebander of the month.  

   Just another way to keep our page fresh.

Posted by;
Richard T. Mindler, Jr.  #WWS765

Admin of the WorldWide Sidebanders Page

Walter and the Indiana Chapter of the WorldWide Sidebanders.